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Snow Crawler Mod

Author of the Snow Crawler Mod: hYPERION

The Snow Crawler Mod adds in a heavy duty snow crawler named the “Wintermute” via Vehicle Framework, it also features a bonus scenario.

Snow Crawler Mod features

While at first glance the wintermute may seem underwhelming, it’s a vehicle that has an impressive indifference for some of the most extreme environments.


  • 7.5 Move Speed
  • 225 Cargo Capacity
  • 4 Pawn Capacity
  • 0.25 Blunt Armor
  • 0.50 Sharp Armor
  • 200 Fuel Capacity

What really makes the Wintermute special is it’s abillity to keep going where other vehicles freeze up, this is due to several factors.

The Wintermute suffers no off-roading penalties.

Biomes wise the Wintermute ignores the extra difficulty of certain biomes, the following biomes are no harder to navigate than a temperate forest:

  • Cold Bog
  • Ice Sheet
  • Sea Ice
  • Winter Taiga

Hills and mountains also have their impacts drastically lowered:

  • Small Hills – No Impact
  • Large Hills – 0.5
  • Mountains – 1

Fuel consumption is lowered by 50% while traveling on the world map.

And to wrap up the benefits on the world map, the Wintermute is not affected by the winter season movement penalty.

When driving around a local map, the Wintermute will have no speed penalty going over most terrains such as soil and ice. This is alongside snow having zero impact on the movement speed of the Wintermute.



  • 1 Snow Crawler Engine
  • 400 Steel
  • 15 Components
  • Biofuel and Fabrication researches
  • Found in the “Misc” building tab

If VVE is loaded the recipe is changed to the following:

  • 1 Snow Crawler Engine
  • 325 Steel
  • 8 Components
  • 1 Car Alternator
  • 3 Car Exhausts
  • 10 Car Suspensions
  • 12 Car Wheels
  • Complex Vehicles research.
  • Found in the “Vehicles” building tab.

Snow Crawler Engine:

  • 100 Steel
  • 50 Silver
  • 10 Gold
  • 8 Components

If Engine Industries is loaded the recipe is changed to the following:

  • 1 Heavy Engine
  • 15 Steel
  • 10 Gold
  • 1 Component

Compatibility notes

Includes integration patches for Vanilla Vehicles Expanded and Engine Industries.

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