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Smooth Stone Walls now named Etched Stone Walls

Authors of the Smooth Stone Walls now named Etched Stone Walls: Rainbeau Flambe, Mlie

The Smooth Stone Walls Mod allows you to smooth natural stone walls (just as you can smooth natural stone floors) thanks to a new option in the “Structure” tab of the architect menu. This allows you to have real walls in the rooms inside your mountain hideaway without needing to mine out rock and then immediately replace it with a wall built from scratch.

Smoothing a section of stone wall takes four times as long as smoothing a section of floor, as there’s more work involved (it seems about right for balance purposes). Smoothed stone walls are slightly more durable than stone walls constructed of blocks. When deconstructed, smooth stone walls don’t yield blocks, but instead have a chance to drop stone chunks, just as if you’d mined them.

Smoothed stone walls are, as you’d expect, smooth: they don’t have the graphic patterning that constructed (block) walls have. The two wall types blend into each other quite nicely, but still, some players prefer to have all their walls look exactly the same. If you’re one of them, you can have your pawns “etch” the smoothed stone walls, to give them a pattern that matches the brick pattern in constructed walls. Alternatively, you can have a pawn with artistic skill do decorative etching, in which case some of your wall tiles, in addition to a brick pattern, will end up randomly decorated with pictures.

Notes regarding Wall Graphics and Embrasures

The Smooth Stone Walls Mod makes minor alterations to the default wall graphics in order to allow walls and rock of the same stone type to blend into each other seamlessly.

The mod does not add embrasures, but it does include textures for embrasures that are designed to match the revised base wall textures. These textures will automatically replace the textures provided by most mods that add embrasures. If you prefer to use the default embrasure texture of the other mod, simply remove the “EmbrasurePatches.xml” file from this mod’s “Patches” folder.

The embrasure texture patching has been confirmed to work with “Cocoa’s Embrasures” by LazyCocoa, “ED-Embrasures” by Jaxxa, “Embrasures” by Brunayla, “Matching Embrasures” by Cucumpear and “Rimworld: Medieval Edition” by Bonehead14. It also works with “Medieval Times” by Vindar, though it should be noted that since the ice walls in that mod still utilize the vanilla wall texture, ice embrasures are not modified.

Compatibility notes

The Smooth Stone Walls Mod adds a new capability but doesn’t change any existing things, so it should be compatible with pretty much any other mod. You should be able to add it to an existing saved game without trouble, but removing it from a game in progress will make the game unplayable if you have any smoothed or etched walls on the map.

Mods which allow items to be built on walls without first deconstructing those walls may or may not recognize non-vanilla walls, so you may find that some items which can be built directly on top of vanilla walls can’t be built on smoothed walls. Obviously, you can work around the problem by deconstructing the wall where you want to place the item. There really isn’t much I can do about it, as it depends upon how the other mods are coded, and in any event, I consider it a very minor issue.

The Smooth Stone Walls Mod  is fully compatible with stone types added by other mods, meaning that you’ll be able to smooth walls of non-vanilla stone types as easily as you can those of vanilla stone types.

This mod utilizes Pardeike’s “Harmony Patch Library”, which is included with the mod (you don’t need to download it separately).


~ Rainbeau Flambe original creator of this mod !!

~ Mod continued by Mlie !!

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