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Smokeleaf Industry Mod

Authors of the Smokeleaf Industry Mod: Bishop, IarSyn

The Smokeleaf Industry Mod adds various new drugs, food, medicines, building materials and more all based around the Smokeleaf cultivation and processing. All items added by the mod are based on real world applications of “smokeleaf” and it’s byproducts. Medicinal, recreational and industrial uses are all included. Research must be conducted in order to unlock the various items and their uses.

Smokeleaf Industry Mod features

Some aspects of the vanilla smokeleaf joint have been changed:

  • The recipe now requires 2 smokeleaf buds that can be obtained by trimming your plants.
  • Trimming and rolling are unlocked after researching Smokeleaf Cultivation.

Smokeleaf production process

Items added to the game by the Smokeleaf Industry Mod:

  • Cultivation Bench
  • Medicinals Lab
  • Smokeleaf Autotrimmer
  • Hempoline Generator
  • Grow Lamp
  • Space Bucket

Smokeleaf Byproducts

The following smokeleaf byproducts are obtained by processing smokeleaf leaves at a Crafting Spot, Drug Lab, Cultivation Bench, or Autotrimmer:

  • Smokeleaf Hemp Fibers
  • Smokeleaf Seeds
  • Smokeleaf Buds


Cooked/crafted at a fueled or electric stove:

  • Hemp Flour
  • Smokeleaf Butter
  • Smokeleaf Cookies
  • Smokeleaf Brownies
  • Smokeleaf Smoothie
  • Smokeleaf De-Energy Drink
  • Smokeleaf Infused Meal


Crafted at the Drug Lab or Medicinals Lab:

  • Smokeleaf Tincture
  • Smokeleaf Pills
  • Smokeleaf Lotion
  • CBD
  • Smokeleaf Infused Medicine

Additional products

Crafted at a Stonecutter’s Table, either Tailoring Bench and the Refinery, respectively:

  • Hempcrete Blocks
  • Hemp Fabric
  • Hempoline

Compatibility notes

Many aspects of vanilla joints have been altered through xpathing, but it shouldn’t conflict with anything. If another mod alters the same values with xpaths, the mod lower in the order will overwrite the other. If another mod replaces the joint ThingDef, this mod will overwrite it.

If you have Architect Sense installed, put the Smokeleaf Industry Mod after it.

License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

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