RimWorld Mods

Smart Speed Mod

Authors of the Smart Speed Mod: SargBjornson, Kartel’, AlcoholV, sarg.auxiliar

The Smart Speed Mod allows the use of ultra speed and change event speed multiplier.

Smart Speed Mod features

  • Enable ultra fast speed without devmMode
  • Add ultra speed icon
  • Set Event speed multiplier

Event Speed Mode

  • Right click on speed control UI
  • Slow : x0.5 speed (half of normal speed)
  • Normal : x1 speed (default setting)
  • Fast : x2 speed (as same as fast speed)
  • Half : Half of current game speed
  • Ignore : Ignore force event speed

Credits: Original mod created by AlcoholV. Maintained in B18 by Kartel’. Forwarded by SYDWAD

License: Released under MIT license.

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