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SkyMind Network Mod

Author of the SkyMind Network Mod: Killathon

SkyMind Network is a full mod originally designed and created by ARandomKiwi and others for Android Tiers++, a sub mod for Android Tiers. It implements a wireless communication system for pawns for the transfer of consciousness of pawns and the use of servers to give connected pawns skills, to protect against attacks, and to hack other factions for colony gains.

SkyMind Network Mod Features

  • A system for the wireless and non-physical transfer of consciousness between connected pawns.
  • A system for pawns remotely controlling other so-called surrogate pawns with all relations and skills shared between host and surrogate.
  • Network towers for establishing and maintaining connections between pawns.
  • 3 Servers that can be configured for Skill, Security, or Hacking insight.
  • Skill insight can be used to give connected pawns xp or passions in a chosen field based on their learning speed.
  • Security insight is automatically used to defend against enemy hacking attempts (which trigger like raids do) to prevent damage to the system or colony.
  • Hacking insight can be used to target other factions to do various things like redirect drop pod shipments, do propaganda campaigns for relations benefits, or launch DDOS attacks to weaken hostile connected pawns on your map.
  • Implants can be researched for pawns to connect to the network, and modders can easily give any Hediff the ability to connect (or block connection) to the network via a simple mod extension (looking at the xml for the SkyMind Transceiver/Receiver should help here).

Compatibility notes

It is now fully standalone with compatibility for several mods like Rimatomics, Rimefeller, and of course Mechanical Humanlikes. It only has Harmony as a dependency.


  • English (Primary)
  • Russian (Community)

Want to translate SkyMind Network to your own language? Go to the GitHub (linked below) and submit a pull request. I make no guarantees that languages besides English will have mistakes corrected in a timely manner.


Special thanks to:

Atlas – The true original creator
ARandomKiwi – Creator of the wonderous and incredible AT++ content and maintainer
Dingo Ananas – Artist for many pieces of AT/AT++ content
FG_Remastered – PR overlord, diplomat, integral supporter
lazycooken – Jumpstarter and eager supporter
Winterbloom – Moderator, xml early help, integral supporter
JGH – Donated graphics for simplified buildings, icons, and many other graphics
Thermo – Thumbnail/Preview image
Android Tiers Discord – The endless whirlpool of ideas, assistance, and the home domain
RimWorld and HAR Discords – Incredible amounts of support and assistance

Image attribution Background by rawpixel.com on Freepik.


Version 1.5
SkyMind Network Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.5


Older versions:

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