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Simple FX: Splashes Mod

Author of the Simple FX: Splashes Mod: Owlchemist

Simple FX: Splashes Mod is a graphical mod that helps sell the illusion of rain interacting with the world by adding splashes to hard surfaces. There are no gameplay changes here, it’s simply a graphical mod.

Note the frame rate and limitations of GIF are not ideal for showing off this subtle effect.


Q. Does this mod impact performance?
A. I spent days putting together a scheme that could generate the rain splashes with only a negligible performance hit. In fact, not only is it fast, it could actually make your game faster due to its use of an optimized weather drawer that I bundled with it.

I have provided a Dub’s Performance Analyzer profiling in the gallery above.

Q. But my game starts lagging when it rains.
A. This is a common problem in Rimworld and would happen with or without this mod. The lag is not graphical in nature but rather all the gameplay mechanics that start happening in response to rain (deterioration, pawn reaction, etc).

Q. Puddles?
No puddles or filth to clean up, this is purely a graphic-only mod.

Q. 1.3 support?
A. Sorry, I’m flattered by so many people being interested and wanting to use the mod in their 1.3 games, but I don’t have the time or resources to manage another codebase. If someone wants to release a 1.3 fork on their own, they’re more than welcome to.

Compatibility notes

  • Save game compatible, as this mod does not touch your save file.
  • Regarding mods that add weather, they should work fine since rainfall is just a global stat all weather types use.
  • No known incompatibilities.

A call to other modders
If you like this feature, but think you can do a better job with the graphical side of it, go for it. You would only need to make a new FleckDef is all, where you could configure the timings differently and use a different graphic.

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Version 1.5
Simple FX: Splashes Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.5


Older versions:

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