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Simple Algae Mod – ‘VPE More Plants’ Addon

Author of the Simple Algae Mod – ‘VPE More Plants’ Addon: OptimusPrimordial

A simple mod that adds algae as a grow able crop to the roster of aquatic crops added by Vanilla Plants Expanded – More Plants. This crop is faster to plant and harvest than other aquatic plants and has a slightly lower negative moodlet when eaten raw compared to other crops. The drawback is a yield of five raw algae per crop compared to other crops which yield six.

If you have Vanilla Cooking Expanded – Sushi installed, algae will be added to all appropriate sushi recipes as a necessary ingredient.
If you have Expanded Materials – Metals installed you can convert the algae to dark oil at a biofuel refinery.
The Expanded Materials – Metals patches also include a big reduction to the value of chemfuel, dark oil and a reduction to the output of the chemfuel from dark oil recipe.
Expanded Materials – Plastics also has a nerf patch included which greatly lowers the value of neutronamine.

The intention of these nerfs is to enable you to create as much plastic as you want without destabilising Rimword’s economic balance with the ultimate cash crop.
My nerfs are always controversial so if you object to them feel free to delete the three relevant patches from this mod’s patches folder.

Credit goes to Vex for the art, xml and bug crunching.


Version 1.5
Simple Algae Mod – ‘VPE More Plants’ Addon is not updated to RimWorld 1.5

Older versions:

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