SickBoyWi’s Miraffe Mod

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Author of the SickBoyWi’s Miraffe Mod: SickBoyWiSickBoyWi

The SickBoyWi’s Miraffe adds miraffes to RimWorld, a very tall, long-necked animal. Miraffes prefer arid environments and foliage for feed. They don’t do well in extreme cold temperatures.

SickBoyWi’s Miraffe Mod features

A new wild animal intended to add some additional flavor to the game. Really, it is a giraffe; I just named it miraffe as a tip of the cap to the muffalo. Miraffes can be used as pack animals.

This mod is compatible with existing saves, it does not require you to start a new game.

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Get some more animal variety with the SickBoyWi’s Miraffe Mod! A new pack animal that’s particularly fitting for gameplays in the savanna.

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