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Shrouding End Scenario

Author of the Shrouding End Scenario: Nick_UINick_UI

A quest to escape a shrouded dying world. You have 60 days to reach escape pods to leave the forsaken planet or research and build your own escape vessel instead.


You’ve always considered yourself a lucky one. Being able to form a crew, start a pretty successful career as an inter-regional trader – whatever you did – Lady Luck has always smiled radiantly. But not this time. Maybe Trying to meet a deadline and squeeze through system overtaken by crazy AI with planetary annihilation incoming was a bit of an overtake.

You will start with

Research: Drug production, Machining, Air conditioning, Electricity, Hydroponics, Colored lights, Autodoor, Packaged survival meal, Psychoid brewing.

Recurring events: Escape ship quest, Mass animal insanity, Resource pod crash, Ship part crash (psychic), Toxic fallout, Volcanic winter, Plague (animals), Meteorite impact

Permanent conditions:
-Psychic drone
-Planetkiller (60 days)

-Muffalo x4
-Medicine x50
-Packaged survival meal x60
-Flak jacket
-Flak pants x3
-Flak vest x2
-Synthread cowboy hat
-Steel knife
-Revolver x3
-Component x40
-Steel x81


Version 1.5
Shrouding End Scenario is not updated to RimWorld 1.5

Older versions:

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