RimWorld Mods

Shoo! Mod

Author of the Shoo! Mod: Jamaican Castle

Troubled by animals wandering into your buildings as you construct them? Need a way to discourage pests from eating up your fields? The Shoo! Mod adds a new designator that allows you to harmlessly shoo wild animals away from your base.

Shoo! Mod features

The Shoo designator (found in the Orders menu or when a wild animal is selected) will order a pawn assigned to Handling to shoo animals away from them. Animals inside your base will automatically move through doors if necessary to leave. Animals outside your base will simply flee in a random direction.

Note that not all animals are equally easy to shoo; wilder and larger animals are more likely to ignore your pawns, depending on that pawn’s animal taming skill. If a pawn fails to shoo an animal, they must wait a short time before trying again. Dangerous animals have a small chance to attack.

The Shoo! mod includes the Harmony patching library.

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