Shinobi Mod

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Author of the Shinobi Mod: Kioking3kioking3

The Shinobi Mod brings Naruto into your RimWorld universe by adding installable elements such as the Sharingan with its multiple levels, a new workbench, research projects, merchants, medical Ninjutsu through nanochips that help to release finger chakra and AMBU masks. to customize your pawns.

Shinobi Mod Features

  • Special Assassination Tactics Squad and AMBU Masks. Become one of them!
  • Possibility to research Genjutsu and other arts.
  • Shinobi table to create the new tools.
  • Acquire the power of the Uchija clan through their eyes.
  • Acquire through nanotechnology the possibility of handling chakra (only for medical ninujutsu)
  • Only medical ninjas will be able to perform successful operations with high-level sharingan

Available in English, Spanish.

This mod is compatible with existing saves, it does not require you to start a new game.


Version: 1.2

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