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Settlement Quests! Mod

Author of the Settlement Quests! Mod: IslandPotato

Have you ever thought about how quests just appear out of the blue in Rimworld? Have you ever wondered why you can’t get a quest straight from a faction’s base? Have you ever wanted to have a nomadic play-through, but get frustrated that quests are focused on your base, not the caravan?

Then this mod is for you!!

Settlement Quests! Mod features

This mod adds a button to ask for quests in settlements, simply click on it whilst your caravan is visiting the settlement for a chance to generate a quest.

Note that there is a chance that you could fail to find a quest; maybe your character insults the town’s leader, maybe you get into a bar fight with one of the locals or maybe the town is closed for a large-scale festival and you decide to enjoy the festivities instead. Who knows!

Notes and Recommendations

  • Please note that due to base game limitations, most quests require an active map to be able to generate (For nomadic play-throughs I suggest using a small map, or mod for custom map size and then just leaving it).
  • When generating a quest through the mods button, it can cause temporary lag – this is normal, and the only way to make sure the quest is from the right faction and uses your caravan as a reference, rather than your base.
  • This does not stop quests from generating normally. For that, I would suggest ‘No Quests Without Comms.
  • I also recommend ‘Caravan Activities Framework’ as it works well with this mod. Just keep in mind that when you accept an activity with this mod, you cannot search for a quest until the activity has been completed.Additional Credits
  • Medieval Overhaul, Vanilla Textures Expanded – [NL] Facial Animation and World Map Beautification Project are used in the pictures.
  • Taranchuk: C# coder – Thank you for making this a possibility! A Massive thanks to the Rimwold Mod Market for everything! Link to their Discord below:


Version 1.5
Settlement Quests! Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.5


Older versions:

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