Set-Up Camp Mod

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Authors of the Set-Up Camp Mod: Syrchalis, Nandonalt

The Set-Up Camp mod adds a new button to caravans that allows you to generate a small map without having to get ambushed or invade a rival faction. You can zoom in to this map and control your colonists any time.

In this map you can rest, heal, hunt and cook food while you’re away on a long distance journey. The camps you set can be visited by all your caravans.

Additional notes

This mod has a few options that you can edit under Options > Mod Settings > Set-Up Camp:

  • You can change the maximum and minimum size of your camps. Default is 75-90 blocks.
  • You can enable the permanent camps function, which disables the automatic deletion of the map when nobody’s around. To remove permanent camps, simply use the destroy button that appears on the world map.

The changes you make on the settings affect the entire game, they aren’t bound to save files.

The set-up camp button won’t show up on caravans that were formed before the installation of this mod! And if you plan on uninstalling the mod, please make sure you don’t have any caravans or camps left on the map.

This mod is compatible with existing saves, it does not require you to start a new game.

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Set-Up Camp Mod Review
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Being now able to set up a new base anywhere you want in the world map makes the Set-Up Camp Mod a little redundant. But if you simply want to rest for a little and then make the camp disappear, this is the mod for you.

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