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SeedsPlease: Lite Redux Mod

Author of the SeedsPlease: Lite Redux Mod: HTxL

Introducing an Enhanced Edition of SeedsPlease Lite Mod.

This mod is a refined fork of the beloved SeedsPlease Lite mod, incorporating a suite of enhancements designed to enrich your farming experience in-game.

SeedsPlease: Lite Redux Mod features

  • Intuitive Seed Names: Seeds that are automatically generated by the mod now bear names derived from the plants they produce instead of based on internal def names.
  • Enhanced Seed Descriptions: Seeds, whether auto-generated or predefined, now have in their info page a description mirroring that of their source plant, replacing the previously static text which did not provide information about the plant. Additionally, each seed’s information page features links to its parent plant and the plant’s product.
  • Optimized Seed Yield: Plants that yield less upon harvest now result in a greater number of seeds when used in the ‘extract seeds’ bill.
  • Increased Stack Size: To alleviate the burden of micromanaging seeds storage, the maximum stack size for seeds has been expanded to 1000.
  • Revised Trader Inventory: Traders no longer sell seeds for trees that produce wood, focusing instead on seeds for plants that yield edible products or other valuable resources. This change ensures that traders offer a more relevant selection of seeds for colonies, given that every map already provides access to trees for wood.
  • Mushroom Cultivation Overhaul: Resolved issues within ‘Vanilla Plants Expanded – Mushrooms’ growing zones to ensure proper seed consumption during sowing. Also enabled the creation of mushroom seeds for all mushroom plants added by mods, overcoming previous limitations that restricted seed production.

Original mod this fork is based on: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2586052937

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