Seasonal Weather Mod

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Author of the Seasonal Weather Mod: The Salad Spinner of Woe!!

The Seasonal Weather Mod extends the weather to change based on season. If you find the new weather behavior intimidating, there is a lite version available here.

Seasonal Weather Mod features

  • Each season has different weather commonalities for each weather type.
  • All biomes have weather adapted a bit to fit each season. More to come.
  • Most biomes are less clear now and I think Jungles in particular will go more in this direction.
  • New weather types are added: Dust, Dry Duststorm, Foggy Snow, Cloudy, and Windy .
  • New weather disasters are added: Wildfire, and Earthquake.
  • Disasters can be disabled/enabled in mod settings.
  • Growth rates are increased for plants by 20% during rainfall.
  • Weather Drone has been added (maybe needs a better name). Weather can affect mood in rare cases (like a psychic drone).
  • Added Double Rainbow. Rarely after a weather event which contained rain, a double rainbow appears and improves moods.


  • Intvention will shorten the length of this event.
  • Min length if fire is surpressed is about half a day.
  • Min length without intervention is 5 days.
  • Max length a quadrum.

Compatibility notes

If you’re also using the No Firewatcher Mod, please make sure it is loaded before Seasonal Weather.

The wildfire event may cause performance issues but is still a rather rare occurrence.

This mod is compatible with existing saves, it does not require you to start a new game.

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Seasonal Weather Mod Review
  • Necessity
  • Originality
  • Fun


It is rather incredible that the game doesn’t have seasonal weather by default. The Seasonal Weather Mod simply puts an end to that.