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Sandstorms Mod

Author of the Sandstorms Mod: NightmareCorporation

Adds sandstorms, which naturally occur on desert and arid shrubland maps. Functionally very similar to snow and rain, but breaks outdoors electronics rather than short-circuiting them.

Sandstorms Mod features

Sandstorms will produce extremely windy weather and severely affect sight and movement of pawns on the map. They can appear as forced weather quests or incidents on maps that would normally not have sandstorms.

During sandstorms sand will slowly gather on the map, and sand being sand, it gets everywhere, even under roofed areas. Fallen sand will slowly be blown away by the wind on the map.

Pawns will also clear fallen sand in any designated snow clearing zone, which now also functions as a sand clearing zone.

Compatibility notes

Various modded biomes are supported:

  • More Vanilla Biomes (Badlands, Desert Oasis, Coastal Dunes, Sandbar)
  • Biomes! Oasis (Chromatic Oasis)
  • Biomes! Islands (Atoll, Desert Island, Tropical Island)
  • Alpha Biomes (Gallatross Graveyard, Pyroclastic conflagration, Tar Pits)

If you absolutely need to get rid of this mod mid-playthrough, use the debug actions to change to clear weather TWICE (once for transitioning to, then again to force it *now*) – then use the debug action to clear all sand. Save the game and remove the mod. Upon loading your save you should receive 2 one-time-exceptions, after that you should be good to go.

Personal plug
If you want to get involved more directly with development of my mods or provide feedback, feel free to join my discord server.

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