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Royal Thrumbos Mod

Author of the Royal Thrumbos Mod: Andross

The Royal Thrumbos Mod adds new majestic and fluffy creatures known as the royal thrumbos by those few that have seen them. Mostly spotted mainly around cold and temperate biomes due ato their ability to withstand amazingly cold environments bu not so much hot environments than a normal thrumbo. These adorable, majestic animals can be cuddled, sheared for their comfortable and expensive wool, and females can be milked for their mood-enhancing, ambrosia-like milk.

Or you can just massacre them for their fur and horns. You monster.

Compatibility notes

The The Royal Thrumbos Mod is compatible with A dog Said, Combat Extended and Giddy-Up.

Additional credits: Goob – Textures, Aelanna – Descriptions, Thrumbo Extension – Thrumbo milk.

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