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Roots of Rimworld – Neolithic Decor & Furniture Mod

Author of the Roots of Rimworld – Neolithic Decor & Furniture Mod: Ghost

I recently played a really fantastic stardew-alike called Roots Of Pacha (and it really is explicitly a stardew-alike, it feels like it’s in the same universe even.) You’re basically a caveman living in a wholesome tribal society consisting of teamwork and contributing. Kinda like rimworld minus the gratuitous violence.

So much like RimWorld, in fact, the entire time I was playing I was looking at the gorgeous sprite work and wishing i could put it in my tribal colonies. So here you go — my crude, inkscape recreations of Roots of Pacha’s ingame decor.

I take very little credit for these since these are literally just items in the game, now available for your godless cannibals!

Do consider buying the game, it’s very good >>> https://rootsofpacha.com/

Huge thanks to jstncvrt for XML work graciously provided for free, because if I ever need to touch XML again I’ll jump.

Full permission is granted for nonprofit use of the sprites / etc within rimworld modding.

Royalty is a light requirement for the thrones.

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