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Roo’s Satyr Xenotype Mod

Authors of the Roo’s Satyr Xenotype Mod: Rooboid, Zelan

Within the clutches of the forest live the Satyr; a race of goat-like pranksters with a penchant for causing mischief. They’re easily distinguishable from Fauns by their sharp horns and curly beards, but before you even catch sight of them, Satyrs can be identified by a choir of risqué campfire songs and raucous, goatish laughter.

Satyr Xenotype Mod features

The Satyr carry a conniving reputation amongst travellers. Though mainly harmless, Satyrs find great joy in engaging passers-by with riddles and tricks in the hopes of stealing a coin, a beer, or even a date.

Despite their lecherous ways and hatred of hard work, they are adept rangers, nimble travellers and charismatic diplomats.


  • 6 new genes and 1 new trait that make up the Satyr xenotype.
  • 40+ backstories to go with various new pawn types.
  • 15 new beards.
  • 7 unlockable musical abilities.
  • 4 musical weapons that passively increase artistic skill.
  • And more!

Satyrs stand at a similar height to baseliners, but insist that their bold goat horns make them taller, darker, and much more handsome. Their ears are pointed, giving them a mischievous appeal, and their hair is typically brunette and thick, making growing a stylish and bushy beard a doddle for male Satyrs.

The Satyrs’ inherent connection with music allows them to learn a roster of unique songs, capable of soothing distressed allies, healing the sick and even resurrecting the dead. Well. Maybe.

It’s ironic, though, that while a Satyr’s lips can produce the most beautiful of melodies, they’re much more likely to be barraging your ears with drunken pub songs or setting you up for punchlines that would have me banned from the Steam Workshop. Satyrs are flirty, mischievous, unfazed by rejection and are given a mood buff for each beautiful pawn in their community.

A Satyr without a melody is like a Minotaur without copious amounts of haygrass: very sad. This mod adds 4 new musical instruments that your pawns can equip, each passively increasing the wielder’s artistic skill.
They can all be used in combat, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they should.

Satyrs are prone to thick and fast hair growth, especially males, who are capable of growing an impressive beard with ease. Satyr beards are often styled more painstakingly than the hair on their heads, and so, this mod adds 16 new beards for your pawns to show off.


Q: Is this mod compatible with…?
A: Please check the compatibilities collection.

Q: Do I need any other mods to use this?
A: Only Harmony and the Biotech DLC are needed to use this mod.

Q: Can I add / remove this to / from an existing save?
A: Please be cautious changing your modlist during a playthrough.
Upon lightweight testing, the mod can be added to a save, but not safely removed.

Q: Can I turn off the audio for the virtuoso songs?
A: Aye, just go into the mod settings.

Q: I’m experiencing a bug.
A: You can report bugs in the bugs discussion page or in my Discord server.

Q: Do the Satyrs spawn in their own unique faction?
A: No, they will spawn randomly across multiple factions.

I hope you have fun with this mod! If you want to support me, and have the means to do so, you can do so using the links below. Thank you!

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Version 1.5
Roo’s Satyr Xenotype Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.5

Older versions:

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