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Rimworld Together Mod [MULTIPLAYER]

Author of the Rimworld Together Mod [MULTIPLAYER]: Nova

A community driven multiplayer mod, for Rimworld. Ever wondered how would it be to be able to play with other players online in the same Rimworld world? The Rimworld Together Mod is an early access community project founded by people who want to push the idea further!

Rimworld Together Mod features

Join a playstyle in which you will actually need to worry about other players behind your back!

With this mod you will be able to:

  • Create or join custom servers to play with other players!
  • Raid other players!
  • Spy on other players!
  • Visit other players in real time!
  • Trade with other players!
  • Create custom factions!
  • Build custom sites!
  • Chat with other players!

The list only gets bigger, what are you waiting for? Play, Together!

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