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RimWorld of the Apes Mod

Author of the RimWorld of the Apes Mod: Walking Problem

Have you ever wanted to play as Caesar from Planet of the Apes, and lead your colony of Apes to a better life? With the RimWorld of the Apes Mod, now you can!

You can play as Apes or meet Apes factions in the game. There are 2 distinct factions of Apes: the enlightened apes who do not want war, and the rogue apes who believe the only way to get peace is to wipe out all other races.

RimWorld of the Apes Mod features

  • 4 different types of Apes: Chimpanzee, Bonobo, Orangutan and Gorilla.
  • Chimps and Bonobos are generally the mainstay of the apes. They are flexible and balanced in most ways.
  • Orangutans are incredibly intelligent, perhaps even more so than Humans
  • Gorillas are the guardians of the apes factions, being the most resilient and most powerful among the apes
  • Child and Juvenile textures included
  • Apes are generally faster and stronger than humans
  • Apes however cannot wear human apparels (which is what human uses to level the playing field)
  • Apes likes to be naked, do not mind eating insects, sleeping on the ground, eating raw food or eating without table.
  • Apes can use human weapons
  • Appropriate backstories for Apes that correspond to their individual strength and weaknesses

More info on the RimWorld of the Apes Mod on its official website and Ludeon Forums’ thread.


Version 1.4
RimWorld of the Apes Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.4

Required Libraries

Older versions:

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