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What are RimWorld Seeds?

When you start a new game in RimWorld, you’ll stumble upon an input field next to a button that says “Randomize Seed”. There is no explanation whatsoever on what these seeds are and how they affect your world in-game but in fact, they do. So what are RimWorld Seeds for?

Choosing the overall rainfall or temperature, that calls for a pretty obvious result. But the seeds? Well, the seeds will affect the shape of your world map.

The word or phrase (even numbers are allowed) you introduce on the seed input will be used to initialize an algorithm. This algorithm will determine the terrain and the distribution of the amount of different biomes. The meaning of the word will not have any effect on the algorithm.

Using the same seed with different settings

As you can see in the following examples, using the same seed but changing the rainfall and temperature settings leads to the same shape, but different distribution of biomes.

Changing the percentage of world coverage has a pretty drastic effect on the shape of the world, so you could say that every seed has 3 different shapes. If you take a look at the following example, though, you will notice certain similarities between the distribution of the biomes:

Best B18 RimWorld Seeds

You can always hit randomize and go with whatever seed comes up. But certain gameplays may call for certain world maps, and it’s a good idea to remember the seeds will cool shapes for future usages, or to share with the RimWorld community.

Here’s a list with some of the best RimWorld seeds as described by fellow players:

Seed Coverage Rainfall Temperature Description
0 30% Normal Normal Generates a map that separates the north pole into a different island, and it has a large warmer area in the center.
alfa 30% Normal Normal Mostly desert, which is present on the north and south poles. And a large temperate area in the center.
mama 30% Normal+1 Normal-1 Large boreal forest and tundra areas near the center of the map, which are rare to come by.
random 30% Normal Normal Cool archipelago on the south of the map.
water 30% High-1 Normal+1 The map appears to be eaten by water from north and south, and there’s large rivers everywhere.

Here’s a screenshot of the world map using the seed “water” with the settings described above:

Have you got any interesting seeds to share?

Comment below and we’ll add them to the list!

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