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RIMSPR: Craftable Genepacks Mod

Author of the RIMSPR: Craftable Genepacks Mod: Unreal D

What is RIMSPR? Well, it’s a lot like CRISPR but instead of standing for Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats, it stands for something else entirely.

With the RIMSPR lab, no more will you be subject to the fickle whims of Randy in your quest to design the perfect xenotype. Now you can select any gene you desire and your researchers will work to isolate and manufacture a genepack for that specific gene, and all it will cost you is some neutroamine, a ton of chemfuel, your colony’s entire food stockpile, and a few years of your researcher’s life!

RIMSPR: Craftable Genepacks Mod features

RIMSPR adds one new building – the RIMSPR Lab, and two new researches.

  • The RIMSPR Lab – requires Genetic Engineering, allows you to select any gene in the RimWorld gene database and create a project to produce it, with a cost determined by how valuable the gene is. See the Nerd Math: math for nerds section for details.
  • Genetic Engineering – Requires Gene Processor, unlocks the RIMSPR Lab and allows you to craft genepacks for most genes.
  • Archogenetic Engineering – requires Genetic Engineering and Archogenetics, allows you to craft genepacks for gene with an Archite capsule cost.

How does it work?

Once you have built a RIMSPR lab you can select it and click the “Start Genetics Research Project” gizmo button.
This will bring up a menu of all available genes that you can research, clicking one will select it and display the cost to produce it along the bottom, once you click Start project your pawns will start collecting resources then working at the lab.

BE WARNED: If the RIMSPR lab is destroyed or the project canceled, all progress and resources spent will be LOST.

Compatibility notes

The possible genepack projects are built dynamically from RimWorld’s GeneDef database, this means that it should be fully compatible with all mods that add more genes. It has already been tested against several major mods such as:

  • Alpha Genes
  • Cyanobot’s Genes
  • Outland – Genetics
  • Big and Small Genes

Please let me know if you find any genes that you can’t produce.

Also comes with several patches to add compatibility with several research linkables as well as one to allow the lab to hook into Rimefeller pipe networks.

Nerd Math: math for nerds

There are four major components to calculating the costs of a genepack:

  • Complexity
  • Magnitude of Metabolic Efficiency (which is to say +6 and -6 are equally valuable and both a greater than +4)
  • Archite Capsules
  • ”Value”

Value is calculated from the other three, and by default it is equal to (Complexity + |Metabolic Efficiency| + Archite Capsules * 3) ^ 2, with special considerations for 0 and negative values.
0 value genes are considered to have a value of 1/2
Negative value genes are considered to have their value inverted before squaring, a C -2, ME 0, AC 0 gene would have a value of 1/4. ( 1/2 ^ 2 )

By default:
Work to produce is Value * 100 (min 10)
Nutritional cost is Value * 1 (min 0.01)
Chemfuel cost is Complexity * 100, 0 is treated as 3/4 and negatives are inverted (min 10)
Neutroamine is |Metabolic Efficiency| * 20 (min 1)
Archite Capsules is Archite Capsules * 3

All values can be adjusted in the mod settings

LinksGitHub project available here.


Version 1.5
RIMSPR: Craftable Genepacks Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.5


Biotech DLC

Older versions:

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