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Rimsenal – Feral Faction

Author of the Rimsenal – Feral Faction: Rooki12k

The Rimsenal – Feral module adds a new faction: The Ferals. Aggressive, ruthless, and numerous, they combine the firepower of marauding bandits and the manpower of tribals into a significantly formidable foe.

The Ferals come with their own kit of weapons and armor. You can find a complete list of items added by this mod here. And here is a list of their stats.

Background story

So who are the ferals? Think about all the people living in the ruins of collapsed civilization. They’ve had to sacrifice lots of things to survive: Technology, culture, history, and above all, their humanity.

They are the groups of savages who pillage, plunder, murder, or otherwise ruin the days of anyone unfortunate enough to not be one of them. Although usually not very powerful on their own, ferals are most often encountered in groups. With a random mix of scrap weapons and makeshift firearms, they can prove to be formidable opponents for a lonesome colony.

Compatibility notes

The Rimsenal mods are compatible with Combat Extended as long as you use the following patches:

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