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RIMMSqol Mod

Author of the RIMMSqol Mod: Razuhl

With the RIMMSqol Mod you will no longer be dependant on people balancing their mods or your specific mod combination. This mod allows you to change the settings of e.g. floors or power buildings via a graphical user interface in the mod menu.

RIMMSqol Mod feaures

Editable objects

  • floors and terrain
  • power buildings(power consumption/generation)
  • recipes
  • thoughts
  • apparel
  • plants
  • materials
  • food items
  • resource rocks
  • main buttons
  • architect buttons
  • buildings
  • hediffs
  • races
  • traits
  • weapons
  • projectiles
  • research projects
  • research tabs
  • backstories


  • Turn off experience decay
  • Turn off tameness/training decay
  • Replace numeric inputs with bug free versions
  • Fixes ingredient consumption to prevent loss of material
  • Leveling up/down displays an icon depicting the skill on the pawn
  • Level ups are tracked as thoughts for half a day
  • Fixes ingredient search to improve performance on recipes that limit the search range (moved to vanilla)
  • Faster garbage collection for global pawns
  • Disable tracking of animal families
  • Icons for menues on architect buttons

Configurable Pathfinding

Pathfinding is split into 4 categories: Colonists, Tame Animals, Wild Animals and Other.
For each category a pathfinding algorithm can be selected and configured. Thus allowing the user to distribute his performance however it is desired.


  • A*, accepts a number as configuration. Up until that distance the pathfinding will be precise(vanilla like setting would be 40), beyond that distance the pathfinding speeds up but no longer gurantees the best path. Unlike vanilla it accounts for transitional costs(moving from e.g. sandbag to sandbag is faster and moving from door to door is slower).

Restrict Movement

When using custom pathfinding each cell can be restricted so that it can only be traversed in specific directions. This allows building one way passages or direct the flow through the colony. Only colonist and tame animals respect these rules. Mustered colonists and colonists that perform specific jobs are unaffected(e.g. „BeatingFire“ jobs). The jobs are configurable under “general settings”.

The restrictions are defined using two designators. The „Smart Lines“ designator is a linear drag operation. The direction of the drag determines the direction for cell movement that gets toggled on all but the last cell. This is a fast way to setup „highways“ and offshoots. With the „Fill“ designator selected restrictions can be pasted into a rectangle area, allowing full control but more micro intensive than „Smart Lines“.

Careful with imprisoning pawns through cutting of all access. That’s the job of vanilla areas. Pawns will try to perform jobs that they can not reach since the decision of reachability does not inspect cells only rooms.

Customize ur Minions

Colonists gain personal growth points through their actions. Those points can be spent to alter backstories, traits and passions. The look and relations of a pawn can be changed for free.

Points are earned from the pawns records and the amount can be changed in the mod settings. By default each human kill is worth 1 point and each full year in the colony is worth 20 points. The pawns will have a “points spent” record which is worth -1 and is therefore reducing the number of points available. The base cost can be altered and the conversion factor for transferring points from a pawn to the pool. Turning a pawn into a remnant will put some points based on the colonists worth into the pool.

Changeable Features:

  • Backstories
  • Traits
  • Passions
  • Hair
  • Head
  • Bodytype
  • Skincolor
  • Relations
  • Name
  • Gender
  • Age

Where To Find

Search for stuff on the map(ore, items, animals, etc.) via its name. Cycle with left click through stacks or select up to 80 stacks with right click. Filter for forbidden items to quickly sort out the raid loot or hunt down that pesky beaver that you missed the first time around.

When using god mode a selection option to destroy all selected items is displayed.

Remnant Colonies

Abandoned settlements become interactable settlements that are managed by the people left behind. They can be called via the comms console. If used with an old save a new comms console must be built.

Food and Restrictions

A preset ruleset determining who can do what with food and serve to manage the wide variety of food items. It can be used through an animated forbid/unforbid icon in the “assign” menu.

  • Restrict faction members from eating ingredients – This prevents your colonists and animals from eating raw food before you get a chance to refine it for more nutrition. Useful if the colony is on the brink of starvation.
  • Restrict non starving faction members from feeding or eating preserved food – With this you can stockpile preserved food for caravans without fearing it may be victimized at the next birthday party.
  • Restrict non starving colonists with mood above minor break threshold from eating meals better than simple – only use good food if necessary.
  • Restrict non starving colonists with ascetics trait from eating better than simple meals – just for roleplayers
  • Restrict non starving faction animals from eating meals – no more hens gorging themselfs on the good stuff.
  • Restrict non starving non colonist prisoners not marked for recruiting from eating meals better than simple – prison food the texan way.
  • Restrict non starving non colonist prisoners marked for recruiting with mood above 80% from eating meals better than simple – let them eat cake so you can put them to work sooner.

Customizable Menus

Main Menu

In the mod settings is a category for main buttons. There you can find the DDs which have a special property called buttons.
It’s a list of other main buttons that will be displayed in a dropdown menu when clicking the button. By default the DDs are hidden and must be toggled visible.
Buttons that were added to a DD will not automatically be invisible. You have to hide them if you wan’t them exclusively under the DD menu.

Architect Menu

In the mod settings is a category for architect buttons. There you can change the order and visibility of architect categories as well as which designators buttons appear in each category. The building buttons are defined
in the mod settings under the category buildings. Each building can define an “architect category” and an “architect category dropdown”. The dropdown groups all buildings in the same category and dropdown together. Unlike
in vanilla buildings with material selection can be grouped as well. When using the button each click cycles between building selection and material selection.

Avoid Designator Refresh

In the mod menu settings under the general category is an option to avoid the refreshing of architect buttons. Some mods(e.g. AllowTool mods) use custom buttons that are not reloaded when vanilla buttons reload.
Those buttons will vanish, until a restart takes place, when changing anything in the mod menu. Once you are done with changing the architect buttons it is useful to activate this setting to avoid the problem.

Custom storyteller

Fully customizable storyteller for triggering events. Can be used in addition or as replacement for the vanilla storyteller.

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