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Rimhammer – Steam Tank Mod

Author of the Rimhammer – Steam Tank Mod: SickBoyWi

This mod adds Warhammer Empire Themed steam tanks to RimWorld, using the Vehicle Framework. For those not familiar with Warhammer, Steam Tanks are steam punk like armor clad vehicles that pack a real punch in combat (except for the Indomitable, which is an armored tank intended to haul and ram things).

This is a stand alone mod, and does not require any of the Rimhammer mod series in order to function. If the Rimhammer – The End Times – Empire mod is active. This mod will patch in several things from that mod, to alter research, fuels, and a few other things.

Rimhammer – Steam Tank Mod features

I make the Rimhammer mods for the love of RimWorld, Warhammer, and all types of coding. This mod was initiated by Dino’s enthusiasm for the vehicle framework, and the Warhammer Empire mod we have been expanding upon recently. It was a real stroke of genius, as his images are fantastic, and the whole thing came together rather awesomely (if I do say so myself).

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