Rimfeller Mod

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Author of the Rimfeller Mod: Dubwise

Library required!
This mod requires the Harmony Library in order to work. Please, ensure you have it installed and on a higher position in the mods list.

Drill for oil, process into chemfuel, plastic, composites, napalm with the Rimfeller Mod!

Rimfeller Mod features

  • Drilling for crude oil with shallow and deep reservoir layers.
  • Cracking crude into chemfuel which is stored in tanks and distributed to hoppers and refineries.
  • Chemfuel powerplants which run off piped chemfuel.
  • Refining chemfuel into a plastic called synthylene to use as generic building material like wood with a range of colours.
  • Refining chemfuel into a kevlar-like high strength thread called synthamide.
  • Craft Synthylene and Synthamide into Sythamide composite, a high strength building material with a range of colours.
  • Produce Neutroamine and synthread.
  • Craft plasteel and components from mixtures of steel and synthylene
  • Craft napalm to lay trails and napalm bombs and burn everything to ash.
  • Oil spill incidents

For questions, bug reports and support in general head to the official Discord Channel.

This mod is compatible with existing saves, it does not require you to start a new game.

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Rimfeller Mod Review
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Dig deep into the crude industry with the Rimfeller Mod! A new way to craft and use all those valuable resources found in the rim!

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