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Rimatomics Mod

Authors of the Rimatomics Mod: Dubwise, SioxerNiki

The Rimatomics Mod is the successor to Rimushima. The 2 main features of the mod are nuclear power and energy weapons. A custom research system guides you step by step through most of the features, with certain details being left for you to figure out.

WORKS WITH MULTIPLAYER If you have the old zetrith 0.4.4 version you MUST upgrade to 0.4.8 or newer on their new github or from steam, else the control sliders wont work in single player

WIKI Take me to the wiki[github.com]

Rimatomics Mod features

  • Custom step by step research system.
  • Nuclear power station with cores, turbines, cooling systems and control computers.
  • Upgrade components for reactor cores and all energy weapons.
  • Fuel reprocessing, plutonium production, breeder upgrades.
  • Fuel storage pools.
  • ICBM’s.
  • Radiation with absorption into materials and accompanying health effects.
  • Radiation detectors.
  • Radiation and MOPP suits.
  • Centralized weapons control console with live target tracking.
  • High capacity high efficiency pulsed power containers.
  • ADS – Crowd control weapon.
  • Tesla coil – Short range low damage electrical weapon.
  • HEL – Laser weapon designed to shoot down mortar shells.
  • Obelisk – High damage high range precision laser weapon.
  • Railgun – Fast artillery for extreme ranges.
  • Loads of other stuff!

The nuclear power station can produce anything from kilowatts to megawatts, with options for combinations of cooling systems, turbines and multiple cores – with upgrades. To make use of such massive amounts of power, an assortment of energy weapons has been added: high energy lasers, railguns and just some good old fashioned nukes.

Getting started

  1. Build a comms console and wait for the probe detection.
  2. The custom research system will guide you from there.

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