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Rim-Shek Mod

Author of the Rim-Shek Mod: Vexed

A much requested Biotech revamp of the legacy Rim-Shek mod that required HAR. Adds a new xenotype, the shek: a race from the game Kenshi by Lowfi Studios.

Rim-Shek Mod features

Adds the shek as a xenotype. They spawn in their own faction, with a tribal option for those low-tech playthroughs. Outside of that they have a small chance of spawning in outlander factions. They also carry over the custom shek names from the legacy mod.


Q – “What’s the difference between the two mods?”
A – This one uses the xenogene system added by Biotech, the old one uses HAR.

Q – “Which one’s better?”
A – Probably this one.

Q – “Why not just delete the old mod?”
A – Some people can’t afford Biotech, or maybe they just don’t wanna buy it and prefer HAR.

Recommended to play with:

Scorchlanders (by CubicPsycho)
Kenshi Music (by DarkFlame7)
Kenshi Armory 1.4 (by Biowreck)
Rim-Hivers! & Rim-Skeletons (by a crumby little goblin in your walls.)

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