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Rim of Madness – Werewolves

Authors of the Rim of Madness – Werewolves: Jecrell, Mlie

Rim of Madness – Werewolves is a gameplay mod for RimWorld. It adds Werewolves into the game.

Rim of Madness – Werewolves features

  • 4 unlockable playable werewolf forms (and a hidden fifth type).
  • Adds moons to RimWorld with a custom moon cycle system.
  • Adds a neutral AI faction of Werewolves to interact with, or engage hostilities with to your peril.
  • Adds “silver treatment” system for colonies with machining tables to use against Werewolf damage immunity.

Startup Guide

  1. For a playable werewolf, you will need a colonist with the Werewolf (Unblooded) trait.
  2. When the first full moon rises, they will go into a Werewolf fury. After they calm down, the werewolf will be able to make controlled transformations in the future for that form.
  3. To unlock and level up forms, toggle the full moon fury icon to enable further random transformations during full moons.

Rim of Madness – Werewolves is available in English and Français (by Coyote2710). Artwork for this mod was contributed by SpoonShortage and Xen.

For questions, commends and bug reports about Rim of Madness – Werewolves head to the official Discord channel.


Continued by Mlie !!

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