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Rim-Effect: Core Mod

Author of the Rim-Effect: Core Mod: Oskar Potocki

Rim Effect is a large overhaul mod series, adding the story, races, objects, and conflicts of Mass Effect universe into RimWorld. The Mass Effect elements are not meant to stand out, and as such are blended into the RimWorld style by utilising the same naming conventions and writing styles.

Much like Vanilla Factions Expanded, the Rim Effect mod series comes divided into sub-modules, firstly to allow the players to pick exactly what elements they want in their games, secondly to ease the production and design process.

Rim Effect Core is the primary module for this mod series, upon which all other sub-modules will depend. Core module introduces a brand new ultratech faction – Systems Alliance, with their own planet-side bases, apparel, weapons, backstories and structures. It’s certainly the biggest mod ever made by us, and potentially the biggest mod on the workshop right now, featuring dozens of new structures, multiple new power sources, an in-depth ability system with tech and biotic powers, lots of new weapons, apparel, animals and other unique mechanics.

Two new storytellers are also present in the game: John Paragon and Jane Renegade. Using the storyteller is NOT a requirement to play this mod, but those storytellers offer interesting new approaches to the game itself.

These mods will utilise Vanilla Expanded Framework and all the code within it, as well as Humanoid Alien Races framework, kindly provided by Erdelf. As such, both our Framework and Humanoid Alien Races are required to play with this mod.

Rim-Effect: Core Mod features

We are currently not aware of any issues. If you believe you encountered a bug, please submit a hugslib log alongside an explanation of how the bug occurred. If you don’t do that, I promise you I won’t get back to you. We need the logs to troubleshoot. We don’t need screenshots or your mod lists, or names of your pawns. We need logs.

To get hugslib logs, make sure you have a Hugslib mod running, then go to the dev console and press the green ‘Share logs’ button. Post the link in the comments.

You might also need to download a Hugslib Token Fix mod if you encounter issues with log uploading.

If you have feedback in regards to a specific mechanic, feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below!

Additional credits:

Oskar Potocki, Project Lead and Design Lead;
Oracle of Thessia, Secondary Project Lead;
erdelf, Programmer;
Taranchuk, Programmer;
xrushha, Programmer;
Alastair, Artist;
Erin, Artist;
Kriptobaam, Artist;
Neronix, Programmer and Artist;
Helixien, Artist;
Shakesthespeare, Artist;
Sarg Bjornson, Programmer;
Kikohi, Programmer;
Luizi, Artist;
Sparky, Artist;

Sounds sourced from original games. Property of Bioware.

(CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)


Q: Video shows vehicles. I built them and they are just props! why?
A: We are still waiting for the Vehicle framework to incorporate those as actual vehicles!

Q: CE Compatible?
A: Yes.

Q: There is already a Rim-Effect: Asari of the Rim mod. Why release this?
A: Helixien, author of the original Rim-Effect mod is part of this team. We decided that RimWorld modding community deserves a new, big, expansion-size Mass Effect mod and we should leave the old Asari of the Rim mod behind. The future is now, old man.

Q: I dislike X mechanic, can I disable it?
A: No, the entirety of the mod comes as one package, with every mechanic tied to other mechanics. If you dislike something, simply don’t use it in game – there is plenty of elements in this mod. Avoid the ones you dislike.

Q: Do I need Vanilla Expanded framework for this to work?
A: Yes. It’s a framework with vast amounts of interesting, important code.

Q: Do I need Humanoid Alien Races framework for this to work?
A: Yes. Whilst this mod itself doesn’t add any alien races, funnily enough the Humanoid Alien Races framework includes other bits of code we found useful.

Q: Where are other Mass Effect races?
A: They will come in future modules. This module is only focused on building the foundations of the series by adding an Alliance faction, lots of new spacer furniture, abilities etc.

Q: Can I add it to an ongoing save? Can I remove it?
A: Yes, you can add it whenever you like. You cannot however remove it, so make sure to backup your save!

Q: Does this mod remove anything from vanilla game?
A: No. Whilst we brand it as overhaul, what we mean by that is that it’s massive, and it’s bound to change the way you play late game, however not one element of the vanilla game is changed, removed or otherwise altered.

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Version 1.5
Rim-Effect: Core Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.5

Older versions:

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