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Reunion Mod

Author of the Reunion Mod: Kyrun

Have you ever used Prepare Carefully to add pawns to the World, hoping that you will have them organically join you one day? Do you wish to play the story of the protagonist that assembles a group of allies on their hero’s journey? + Perhaps you just didn’t like to start a colony with more than a single pawn, but you wanted some control over what pawns will join you over the long run.

The Reunion Mod is meant to be used alongside EdB Prepare Carefully.

Reunion Mod features

When adding pawns to the World, give them the trait (Reunion) Ally. This will ensure that these pawns will be injected into events that spawn pawns that will join you. The events are:

  • Wanderer Joins
  • Refugee Chased (disabled for 1.1)
  • Prisoner Rescue
  • Downed Refugee
  • Refugee Pod Crash (disabled by default, see below)
  • Refugee Pod Event

There is a chance that even if you rescue a pawn that crashed in a transport pod, they will still leave. For this case, you have to imprison and recruit them. There is also a chance that the Pawn will just get up and self-tend, then walk off the map. All these are vanilla behaviour, and I have no intentions to change them. This event is disabled by default, so you will need to manually enable it in the mod settings.

Compatibility notes

This mod should be compatible with most other mods except mods that modify the above events.

This mod should not break existing saves. In fact, if you have characters in your save game that are “lost” in the World pool, you can use the debug menu to give a pawn the Ally trait. They will immediately be detected by the mod.

Multiplayer is not tested (and likely never will be).


  • Incident Person Stat: This mod and my mod modifies the same incidents, so only one can happen at a time.
  • No Pawn Left Behind: Have not identified why, but bugs have been reported.
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