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ReSplice: Charmweavers Mod

Author of the ReSplice: Charmweavers Mod: Helixien

“We’ll Bang, ok?” – Commander Shepard

What is ReSplice?

ReSplice is the banner under which I will release any xenotype I feel like making. Similar to ReGrowth, I aim for my additions to be vanilla friendly in both artstyle and lore. Everything added was made to fit or mirror vanilla. From a simple UI texture to a new more complex system,being as performance and vanilla friendly is the main objective I have.

Inspired by the well known Succubus (and Incubus), Charmweavers are a new archite powered xenotype you can encounter and add to your colonies. They are rare, similar to sanguophages, and quite unique, offering some interesting upsides and downsides.

Charmweavers are a relatively simple xenotype. They should work fine in whatever load order you have and be a nice addition, if not for the xenotype itself, then for the genes they add.

ReSplice is designed to be as lightweight as possible, adding the minimum of new code required for its additions to work.

ReSplice: Charmweavers Mod features

Compatibility notes

These are all the mods currently support from our end:

  • Vanilla Races Expanded – Highmates


Q: Can this mod be added to an existing save?
A: Yes, without issues. Charmweavers only appear in events, so there is no issue.

Q: Can this mod be removed from a save?
A: No, I do not recommend removing mods that add new genes during an active game.

Q: Can I use other mods that add similar xenotypes?
A: Sure..

Q: Is this mod part of the Vanilla Expanded Series?
A: No, it’s not.

Additional credits:

  • Graphics are made by Neronix17, Van, IcyCheeseCake and me.
  • Preview image background was made by Midjourney / OpenAI.
  • Hero Art by Vitalii.
  • Screenshots by Lessyloo.
  • XML and patches are done by me.
  • C# Code done by Taranchuk.

Rimworld is owned by Tynan Sylvester and he wants you to finally buy his book!


One Response

  1. This mod doesn’t work even using the bare minimum mods required for usage. harmony to enable expanded vanilla framework to enable the resplice mod then it just doesn’t work by saying and i quote
    “Recovered from incompatible or corrupted mod errors.

    It seems that some of the active mods were causing errors.

    They were incompatible with each other, designed for a different version of RimWorld, or corrupted.

    All mods have been disabled and can be activated again in the mods dialog.”
    end quote i ask of you to fix this mod as it seems funny to have in my world thank you for your time have a pleasant day

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