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Reel’s Facial Animation Textures Mod

Author of the Reel’s Facial Animation Textures Mod: Reel

My own Vanilla-Style textures for [NL] Facial Animations, built to work alongside Vanilla Expanded’s retexture as well as EyeGenes2 to add custom eye coloring.

I always felt like the original retexture mod lacked certain face types that perfectly encapsulate life on the Rim, such as anger and despair expressions. This mod hopefully aims to fix that by adding 6 new eye textures, and 9 new mouth textures that are loosely based/inspired on existing Roblox faces.

This mod doesn’t add custom eyebrow or skin textures, however I may decide to add some in a future update.

Please keep in mind that this mod is limited in mechanics as it relies solely on the Facial Animation framework. Send suggestions to the author of that mod if you have any ideas, I won’t be able to help.

Disclaimer: This mod doesn’t actually add lens flare glowing eyes, or changing expressions as shown in the mod thumbnail. However, it DOES add blinking & yawning.

Compatibility notes

This mod comes with built in support for EyeGenes2 and Vanilla Textures Expanded – [NL] Facial Animation straight out of the box. If you wish to add more variety to your pawns, these two mods will provide just that!


  1. [NL] Facial Animation
  2. Reel’s Facial Animation Textures
  3. Vanilla Textures Expanded – [NL] Facial Animation
  4. [BL] EyeGenes2 | Base – [NL] Facial Animation |

Should be compatible with most mods, as it’s just a retexture.

Please check if any bug you find happens without the retexture mod installed. If it does, I won’t be fixing it and you can report it to the original mod authors.

  • Compatible with Combat Extended
  • Unsure on HAR compatibility in general, as I personally no longer use it as of Biotech’s release.
  • I have zero intentions of patching the Rim-Effect Asari & Drell races.

If you’d like to patch it with your own xenotype/alien race, feel free.

Additional credits:

  • Art, GIFs, XML & patching stuff done by me.
  • Thanks to The Oracle of Thessia for the blinking & open mouth textures. I hope you don’t mind me borrowing them, since this mod does require your texture mod. Download her mods here!
  • Thanks to Neronix17 for his HD Pawn Heads that I used in the thumbnails, Download his mod here!
  • Huge thanks to OPERATOR for teaching me how to make this mod in the first place, as well as creating EyeGenes2 and SpawnThoseGenes!
  • Thank you Tynan Sylvester and everyone at Ludeon Studios for this amazing game! (please add multithreading though xdd)
  • Faces are redrawn, inspired and entirely based on faces from the online game Roblox.

Translation mods are allowed, as long as you credit & link back to the original mod.

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