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Real Fog Of War Mod

Author of the Real Fog Of War Mod: の⁠ヮ⁠の

Real Fog Of War Mod features

  • The map is initially unrevealed and must be explored.
  • Both players and AI’s humans, animals, mechanoids, and some objects have and are affected by a Field of View, shared among faction components.
  • Animals participate in Faction Fog of War only if trained for release and with a master set.
  • Only things revealed by a Field of View can be attacked by ranged weapons; Mortars and similar weapons can attack unrevealed and unseen places.
  • Field of View of humans, animals, and mechanoids is adjusted to sight attribute and are affected by darkness (mechanoids are immune) and weather.
  • Bionic eyes reduce the darkness debuff (one by half, two completely).
  • Standing and attacking humans, animals and mechanoids have a slightly increased Field of View as they “peek” in nearby spaces.
  • When attacking and not moving, the sight range is adjusted to weapon range over time (time-based on weapon warm-up time and range).
  • Sleeping humans and animals have a base Field of View reduced to 20%
  • At rough and lower difficulties, player’s automatic turrets extend the Field of View in their target area.
  • Added surveillance cameras, to monitor an area (research required), and watchtowers, to increase view range when colonists stand on them.
  • Works with existing saves, but the map will be unrevealed.

New features

  • New settings for you to tweak with. Finally, adjustable vision range. (I recommend setting it 55 to vanilla and 65 to CE.
  • Blind people can provide vision by hearing too.
  • Integrated changes from Yayo versions
  • A few bugfix and performance improvements.
  • Night vision integration from other mod-like nocturnal animals sees further at night. Vanilla expanded apparel night vision goggles allow better vision at night.
  • Animal body size matters at providing vision
  • Colonists can hear people moving in FoW.
  • Built-in raid letter suppressor
  • Toggle for prisoner providing vision

Known and possible issues

The camera console screen will correctly match the number of cameras being used in the 1.2 version. The 1.3 version however broke it. That’s the only thing that 1.3 broke so far.

This version might make the game lag if used with any mod that makes pawn calculate target to shoot constantly.


Version 1.5
Real Fog Of War Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.5

Older versions:

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