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Ratkin Faction:Oberonia aurea Mod

“I once had a dream. In that dream, I went to a place where golden irises bloomed. The people there were gentle and kind, the atmosphere of the community was harmonious and prosperous. There were no wars, no strife. I do not know the name of that place, perhaps, it is called Utopia.”

Ratkin Faction : Oberonia Aurea

This mod is an expansion to the Ratkin base mod and requires the Ratkin base as a prerequisite.
The mod also requires the Royalty expansion and is compatible with the Cultures, Biotechnology, and Combat Extended (CE) mods.
This mod is slightly more powerful than the vanilla version, with its strength being slightly higher than that of the Ratkin Weapon Expansion (non-CE).

The English translation of this mod is done via machine translation (as the creator does not speak English), and there are several parts that are not translated yet! If you have the ability and the time, you are welcome to help improve it.

Building upon the Ratkin base mod, this mod introduces an empire from beyond the Milky Way: the Oberonia Aurea Empire. This empire’s culture values friendliness, its people aspire to peace, yet they possess the courage to defend it.

Contents of this mod:
– 1 new Ratkin faction with unique raid tactics and a reputation system.
– 2 new crops, 14 new firearms, 3 new melee weapons, 19 accessories and headgear, 22 pieces of apparel and coats, and 10 buildings each with a unique function.
– 19 Ratkin technologies.
– 2 new cultural memes with associated doctrines, and 1 new gene.
– 122 exclusive Oberonia Aurea background stories and 2 Oberonia Aurea storytellers.
Q: Are there any Ratkin power armors?
A: No, the focus is on lightweight and functional equipment.

Q: What is unique about the weapons?
A: The weapons are characterized by high armor penetration. Unstable charge weapons feature high damage.

Q: How strong are the weapons?
A: For reference, the weapon strength is based on the Ratkin Assault Rifle from the Ratkin Weapon Expansion. It is above vanilla levels but manageable.

Q: Can it be integrated into a vanilla environment?
A: In most cases, yes, because there are no mandatory hostilities. It’s especially feasible when you want to balance out a lightly negative justice scenario by choosing this mod.

Q: Are there any new vehicles?
A: Not in the Oberonia Aurea core, but the planned Oberonia Aurea: Peace Through War expansion will update the vehicle aspect.

Q: Can I add it to an existing save?
A: Generally, it should not pose any major problems.

Q: CE?
A: Compatible.

Q: What are the initial faction relations?
A: Neutral at start, but if you want to start a fight, you can, and if it gets tough, just drop a gift from a cargo pod.

Q: Are there any exclusive missions?
A: Unfortunately, there are none.

Q: Is there a new race?
A: There’s a new human gene mod, but no new alien species in the framework.

Q: How is the compatibility?
A: Generally, there shouldn’t be any major issues.
Oberonia Aurea Series Expansion:
“Oberonia Aurea Core” (Completed)
“Oberonia Aurea: Peace Through War” (Vehicles and strategic, tactical weaponry) (Expected to start between July and September 2024)
“Oberonia Aurea: Utopia” (Cultural and civil life architecture) (To be determined)
“Oberonia Aurea: Wandering into the Unknown” (Cutting-edge and space technology) (To be determined)
Production Team Members

DLL Programming:灰风白茅无辜的村民3HST有限公司爱新觉罗-派大星
XML Programming::默与孤阿米灰风白茅3HST有限公司爱新觉罗-派大星无辜的村民玖日长弓
Art Design:焕滅Leven单轨猫
Copywriting:默与孤Creeper Hater
Sound Effects:阿米
Special Effects:阿米
CE patch:二维


May everyone live in harmony,
And may the serene scent of Oberonia Aurea reach the depths of your heart.


Version 1.5
Ratkin Faction:Oberonia aurea Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.5
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