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Random Start Mod

Author of the Random Start Mod: bogknight

Random Colony Start Mod adds a button to the main menu that instantly drops you into a completely random scenario, drawing from your choice of base game or modded content.

“Setbacks, losses, failure and recovery are where the spiky delicious drama comes in” – Tynan Sylvester. Relinquish control. Embrace failure. Overcome terrible odds. Losing is fun.

Random Colony Start Mod Features

Have you ever found yourself mashing the re-roll button over and over waiting for that perfect pawn to appear? Do you always play the default Crashlanded scenario? Do you have multiple modded storytellers installed but haven’t ever tried them out?

Random Colony Start Mod solves these issues by adding a button to the main menu that drops you into a random scenario. There’s also an options menu that lets you configure exactly how random you want it to be.

How is this different from Dev Mode quick start?
The short answer:
This actually randomizes everything, quick start is hardcoded to a specific scenario.
The long answer:
The dev quick start is hardcoded to the Crashlanded Scenario, with the Cassandra storyteller, on Rough difficulty. It also only generates a very small game map on a planet with 5% coverage, and doesn’t randomize any generation parameters.

Random Colony Start Mod gives you the ability to randomize or set all of those things and more such as which factions you want to spawn or randomizing genes and xenotypes. It also pulls from your custom/workshop Scenarios as well as modded ones.

Thanks to:

  • The Rimworld Discord, Especially @Taranchuk.
  • kotobike, ferny, q308744928, [Apply_Meme], NARC, sebo2203, sam1373, Darknote, sleepy, The Big Toot, LiliPili, JoeOwnage for suggestions and bug reports.
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