Rainbeau Flambe Storyteller Mod

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Author of the Rainbeau Flambe Storyteller Mod: Rainbeau Flambe

The Rainbeau Flambe Storyteller Mod adds a new storyteller named Rainbeau Flambe.

Rainbeau Flambe Storyteller Mod features

Rain shares Randy’s love of the unpredictable, but tempers that love with a bit of Cassandra’s storytelling flair. Still, he’ll send big threats nearly as often as small ones. He seems to have a bit of a sadistic streak and, in any event, he has to keep his cat, Sabre, amused. He also likes to have a slightly larger cast of characters to work with than Cassandra does, and so will subtly encourage you to have more colonists.

The Rainbeau Flambe Storyteller Mod also slightly increases the base chance of orbital traders arriving, though the actual frequency of their arrival for storytellers other than Rain is not altered.

Compatibility notes

The Rainbeau Flambe Storyteller Mod should be compatible with pretty much any other mod. You should be able to remove it from a game in progress, as long as Rainbeau Flambe is not set as the currently active storyteller.

This mod is compatible with existing saves, it does not require you to start a new game.

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Tired of always playing the same storyteller? The Rainbeau Flambe Storyteller mixes the best of each of the vanilla storytellers for a more interesting (and more difficult) experience!

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