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Raid Extension Mod

Author of the Raid Extension Mod: Shadowrabbit

The Raid Extension Mod adds 4 new incidents. These events expand the way in which hostile factions interact with colonists, making them not limited to the form of raids.

Raid Extension Mod features


In this incident, the enemy will target the nearest larger animal. It may be colonial or wild. If successfully killed, they will leave with the corpse of the prey. If you fail, you may face crazy animals.


In this incident, the enemy will try to cut some trees on your map, they will quickly leave with the wood, if you try to approach and stop, they will attack you.

Lost Raider

There are a few hapless guys here, come and greet the new members of your dungeon!

Hositle Caravan Passing By

This incident provides a legal opportunity to rob the caravan, but the enemy’s caravan will have twice as many guards as the friendly faction.

Compatibility notes

It is improbable to cause incompatibility with other mods (as this mod is primarily event-driven). Everything else should be fine.

Additional credits: Preview image is created by 金兔子拉面.

Languages: English, ChineseSimplified and ChineseTraditional by me. French by qux. Russian by Quara5iK.


Will the enemies cut the gauranlen trees?
Of course they will, but they will not deliberately cut down these more important trees. They only care about which tree is close to them.


Version 1.4

Older versions:

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