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Radiology Mod

Author of the Radiology Mod: AUTOMATIC

The Radiology Mod adds the ability to bombard your colonists and prisoners with harmful radiation, obtaining either amazing mutations, burns or cancer…

Radiology Mod features

The Radiology functionalities are accessible via a new research tree tab. New buildings will appear in a new architect tab after researching them.

To start irradiating, build an enclosed room with the Chamber building in it (which is just a platform to stand on). Then build an Irradiator facing the Chamber. After that, use the Chamber’s UI to assign a colonist to it and that’s it!

Place filters between Irradiators and the Chamber to alter the kind of radiation going into your colonists:

  • Normal radiation.
  • Rare radiation: makes rare mutations more likely and cancer is less likely.
  • Burn radiation: causes burns.

Place blockers between Irradiators and the Camber to select which body parts to irradiate.


Version 1.4
Radiology Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.4

Older versions:

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