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Quest Reward Rebalance Mod

Author of the Quest Reward Rebalance Mod: Flankmaster

Ever wonder why your heavily-modded 16-year colony never sees any of those rare archotech rewards? The Quest Reward Rebalance Mod rejiggers quest reward generation so archotech-level items/buildings like the Vanometric Powercell and Chemfuel Reactor (along with other archotech-level modded items) appear much more frequently.

Quest Reward Rebalance Mod features

The mod does three things:

  1. More Archotech Awards – Groups all of the archotech items/buildings/consumables into their own category of quest reward with its own separate chance of being rolled, which increases the frequency they appear (which is still pretty rare; about as much as receiving a healer mech serum or similar item).
  2. Multiple Weapon Awards – Creates a new uncommon quest award from Outlander Factions which, if Gunsmithing has been researched, yields between 4 to 6 advanced industrial weapons of a single type (e.g. assault rifle, chain shotgun, etc.) in addition to the usual gold/plasteel/uranium filler rewards–instead of that masterwork revolver–Every. Single. Time.
  3. More Hyperweave – Adds a small chance (around 1/16) for the ‘filler rewards’ from a quest to grant Hyperweave instead of the usual gold/plasteel/uranium.

Compatibility notes

Compatibility & More Information

Can this mod be added/removed from saved games without issue?

Yes. There should not be any issues since the mod only patches the quest reward generator and certain categories of items and buildings. Any mods which add archotech-level items and buildings should also see their rewards show up more frequently.

Make sure this goes towards the end of your modlist (i.e. after all modded items/buildings have been added to your game)

Can you add items from X Mod into the archotech reward pool?

If your mod adds any item/building/weapon/body part with a tech level equal to archotech or the ‘buildingspecial’ tag (e.g. psychic emanators, vanometric power cells, etc.), then this mod will include those those items in the new archotech reward pool by default. The full list of conditions for which items are added to the archotech reward pool are found in the Patch.xml file.

Can I add more weapons/items from a mod into the archotech reward pool anyway?

Yes, but keep in mind that this will dilute the archotech reward pool (putting you back at square one for the archotech items!).

However, if you want to do this anyway, save a local copy of this mod (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RimWorld\Mods) and edit the Patch.xml to add specific items/categories from your own modlist to the reward pool.

**Dedicated to the wonderful VES community and for all the work they do.

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