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Quantum Cooling Mod

Author of the Quantum Cooling Mod: Aion Algos

Tired of the heat?! Go tell Thermodynamics to screw off! Quantum Cooling™ technology allows for exhaustless cooling. It can be used to reach extremely low temperatures but is relatively expensive and consumes a lot of power.

Quantum Cooling Mod features

Using quantum mechanics; you can discover how to reduce entropy without displacing it. Perfect for cooling the inside of mountain bases without the need for exhaust venting!

Research and Construction

After you’ve researched “Air Conditioning”, QC adds the “Quantum Prototype” which will unlock the very weak Prototype Quantum Cooler. It may struggle to keep negative temperatures depending on the room size, climate, and weather. From there you can research the next tier; “Quantum Cooling” which will unlock both the Small and Large versions of the Quantum Cooler, which can be found in the Temperature construction tab. Also adds “Quantum Heating” which will unlock both the Small and Large versions of the Quantum Heater.

Cooler Comparison

eps = Energy Per Second (RimWorld’s heat mechanics…)
The lower the Watts per EPS, the more efficient the cooler is.

  • Default Rimworld Cooler
    Efficiency: -21eps at 200 watts for 9.5w per eps.
    Materials: 90 Steel and 3 components.
    Research: Air Conditioning
  • Prototype Quantum Cooler
    Efficiency: -11eps at 200 watts for 18.2w per eps.
    Materials: 75 Steel, 100 Silver, and 5 components.
    Research: Air Conditioning
  • Small Quantum Cooler
    Efficiency: -33eps at 500 watts for 15.2w per eps.
    Materials: 10 Plasteel, 200 Silver, 50 Gold, and 5 Components.
    Research: Quantum Cooling
  • Large Quantum Cooler
    Efficiency: -190eps at 2000 watts for 10.5w per eps.
    Materials: 75 Plasteel, 500 Silver, 50 Gold, and 10 Components.
    Research: Quantum Cooling

To balance the lack of exhaust, Quantum Coolers are rather pricey and inefficient. The coolers get more efficient in accordance with their price – though the default cooler will always be more resource and energy efficient. However, the bonuses are that you can do more with less space and don’t need to worry about exhaust. In a space that’s well insulated a non-prototype Quantum Cooler can be used to easily reach temperatures close to absolute zero.

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