RimWorld Mods

Pristine Nature Mod

Author of the Pristine Nature Mod: MedicalPol

How come that every square kilometer of this rimworld was long ago either an active warzone or a densely populated area? Because of that, everywhere you go is filled with rusting junk, dangerous waste and crumbling ruins. But from now, you can experience the true beauty of wilderness, free from the visual pollution that vanilla’s ruins and ideology’s junk bring!

Pristine Nature Mod features

To be more exact, Pristine Nature removes the horrible junk/ruins spawning step that happens during map generation, preventing you and your pawns from witnessing such disgusting things like those hundreds of rusted shopping carts on your shore.

Compatibility notes

Compatibilty-wise, since it’s a simple patch, this should work with everything, but since no junk spawn whatsoever, there’s a soft incompatibility with any mod that rely/depend partially/totally on junk.

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