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Prisoner Arena Mod

Author of the Prisoner Arena Mod: _♤︎☠︎_OwO_☠︎♤_

The Prisoner Arena Mod allows you to arrange fights between your prisoners. Spectators will be happy and get plenty of joy! Satisfy your barbarian needs!

Prisoner Arena Mod features

  1. Build an Arena Spot (found in the Misc. tab).
  2. Select two prisoners and start the fight from the arena spot menu. Any pawn capable of wardening will haul the fighters into the fighting area.
  3. Fighters will automatically equip any weapon laying within arena radius.

Possible -incoming- features

  • Mass brawls
  • Score board
  • Bets

Compatibility notes

Safe to add to existing colony. Before removing the mod make sure you don’t have any arena spots on your map and your prisoners aren’t fighting.

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