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Priority Treatment Resurrected Mod

Author of the Priority Treatment Resurrected Mod: -=JkJkLoL=- tk421storm

The Priority Treatment Resurrected Mod makes tending medical an emergency a priority for your doctor pawns.

Priority Treatment Resurrected Mod features

With Shotgunfrenzy’s essential mod no longer working, I decided to figure out how to accomplish the same thing (the old method of setting tending to priority “emergency” no longer works – in fact the game files set them as emergency by default).

This mod requires harmony and makes your doctors prioritize any patient who is bleeding by default. There are also customizable options to include tending any sickness as an emergency, as well as to wake up sleeping doctors if a patient needs to be tended.

Tested on a save game with 100+ mods active with no issues or performance impact. Please report any bugs or incompatibilities you find!

Compatibility notes

Wake Up – safe to use both, though somewhat redundant. If you’re using wake up, make sure the option under this mod to “wake up to tend” is disabled. Nothing bad will happen if it isn’t, it’s just redundant.

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