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Power Tab 2 Mod

Author of the Power Tab 2 Mod: Owlchemist

This is an overhaul and continuation of Compilatron’s Power Tab mod, remade with the author’s permission. This version functions much the same as before, but does so with zero overhead, requiring no harmony patches or any ticking components.

Power Tab 2 Mod features

New here? What’s Power Tab?

Power tab simply provides a UI that lists out where your power is being consumed, and where it’s coming from, as opposed to clicking buildings one by one to try and figure it out manually.

What’s new?

I got tired of constantly asking in frustration “What’s using up all my power?!”, and so I looked up this mod. However, after auditing the code, I decided it was in need of an overhaul. The changes are technical in nature, including:

  • No longer needs harmony, removing any patch overhead.
  • No longer ticks any code. This is a zero-overhead mod, its code is only active when you’re actually looking at the UI.
  • And speaking of that, the UI rendering is around 5x faster as well.
  • All hardcoded strings are now exposed for translators to make use of.

Additional credits

  • Compilatron: the original author, whom granted permission for this overhaul.
  • Mersid: whom was keeping it going with later RimWorld versions.


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