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Pong Mod

Author of the Pong Mod: Danimineiro

What? The Pong Mod allows you to not play RimWorld and instead allows you to waste time playing Pong.

You know you win when the game crashes because your score got too high. You can reset your score in the settings menu or, well you can also keep making it bigger.

Pong Mod features

How to play Pong instead of RimWorld:

  1. Open the Mod settings Menu for Pong, choose your settings and hit “Open Pong”.
  2. W/S keys for the left player, Up/Down arrow for the right player. By default the left player is a bot.

How to win:

If you crash the game you win!

Compatibility notes

This doesn’t interact with any system in the game except UI. It also has no impact on saved games.

If you are happy that you can finally play Pong in RimWorld for some reason and want to help me create future mods, you can buy me a coffee on Ko-Fi using the button below.


If someone knows how play this during the loading screen please contact me.

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Version 1.4
Pong Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.4

Older versions:

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