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Polarisbloc Mod – Storyteller & Incidents

Author of the Polarisbloc Mod – Storyteller & Incidents: Vaniat

Polarisbloc Mod – Storyteller & Incidents pack adds 3 new storytellers and 4 incidents.

Polarisbloc Mod – Storyteller & Incidents features


  • 「Wild AI」Vanya: originally a CCAI from an advanced mechanoid ship, Vanya evolved some basic and uncontrollable emotions after falling into a rimworld and living with “Industrial” natives for a long time.
  • 「Beserker」No.13: No.13 started to fight against mechanoids with the Chaser Armada from the day she was born. Her life is filled with frequent battles, and nothing can break her determination.
  • 「Boffin」Gloria: Gloria is always far away from violent disputes. She prefers to watch people struggle and tangle in all kinds of troubles instead of endless wars.


  • Demeter’s Blessing.
  • Trade ship crash.
  • Turret disturbed.

License: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

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Version 1.4
Polarisbloc Mod – Storyteller & Incidents is not updated to RimWorld 1.4

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