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Author of the Polarisbloc Mod – Core LAB: Vaniat

The Polarisbloc Mod series is a pack of mods that include all of the following mods by Vaniat: Machanoid ship extensionGene-adjusted agentVanya’s Medicines and Brainwashing.

Polarisbloc Mod – Core Lab features


  • Combined antibiotic: A combination of several antibiotic combinations can cure most of the disease (like flu, muscle parasites, infection, sleeping sickness, etc.).
  • Glitter world restorer: Mysterious drugs from the glitter world can free you from all sorts of bad situations (above Combined antibiotic, not craftable).
  • Potent healing potion: A quick recovery and healing of wounds, battles and recovery (tend 4 times per second, and heal 2 hp per second).
  • Gene-adjusted agent: A kind of gene medicament is emerging to evolve people’s body.
  • Receptor antagonist: The polar molecules will bind with drugs’ receptors. So this drug could satisfy the chemical needs, and ease the drug addiction at the same time.


  • Trait fix: It can remove all traits you have.
  • Trait add: It can add a new randomly trait on the target person. But the traits count can’t exceed 4.
  • Skill passion adjust: It can improve the passion with a randomly skill on your colonist.
  • Memory change: It can reset your colonist’s backstories. When it used on prisoner, it will not change any backstory but will instead recruit the prisoner by brainwashing.
  • Transgender: It can change your colonist’s gender.
  • Cure scars: It will cure all your colonist’s old wounds.
  • Age raise: It will add 4 years to your colonist’s age.
  • Age Decrease: It will decrease x to your age [x=(current age/10+1)*3].


  • Psionwire: It will keep you out of flamme.
  • Combat chip: 5 kinds of combat chips. You can convert it to anyone other when you installed it (currency, sniper, scouter, medical and charm).
  • Virtual net chip: A piece of chip connected to a virtual network that can be used for entertainment whenever needed (fill up your joy need!).


  • Cartridge: Cartridge will resurrect this wearer when he dead,also you can use it to resurrect other one.
  • Polaris – II shield belt: The publicly available version of the Polaris shield belt has limited performance. The improved energy radiation method enables the wearer to use the gun to attack externally and provide protection when attacked at close quarters.
  • Traitreleaser mech serum: A one-use super-dose of mechanites tuned to gain a specific trait.
  • Mechanoid ship reactor: You can find it when you destoried mechanoid ship.
  • Orbital trader caller: It will launches a broadcast that contains coordinate information, and the nearby orbital trader arrives.
  • Psychic berserk pulser: One-use artifact that generate a strong psychic pulse make all human go berserk.

Additional credits:

  • RicoFox233 for main art and extra preview.
  • duduluu for main preview.
  • lolidrop for combat chip texture.

License: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

This mod is not compatible with existing saves. You will have to start a new game.

Polarisbloc All Mods Pack

A great deal of futuristic weapons, armor, incredibly powerful factions and new storytellers. But don’t be fooled, all this new technology won’t make your life easier, but quite the contrary.

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Polarisbloc Mod - Core LAB Review
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The Polarisbloc Mod – Core LAB adds a great amount of new medical resources for your colonists. It comes with a lot of new projects for you to focus on, with a new and original gameplay guaranteed, because all these features sound great, but they’re not easy or cheap to complete!

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