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Plasma Weapons Pack Mod

Author of the Plasma Weapons Pack Mod: Mad Catter

The Plasma Weapons Pack Mod adds 8 (7 + 1 Retexture with Royal Arsenal due to redundancy) Plasma weapons and drafting stances for them.

Plasma Weapons Pack Mod features

Balance: These weapons are all balanced around Royalty’s Plasmasword (except for the Stellic Weapons), some maybe a bit better. If you feel anything overpowered or underpowered feel free to give feedback.

Plasma Axe

Heavier and slower than the Plasmasword, the Plasma Axe possesses higher Armor Piercing and a unique Pick attack that deals extra damage against structures.

Plasma Greatsword

A bigger variant of Plasmasword. If you have Royal Arsenal RA’s Plasma Greatsword will use the new texture.

Plasma Halberd

A heavy Plasma polearm that possesses great penetration and is suitable for defending.

Plasma Khopesh

A curved greatsword of ancient design that seems to possess the fiery heat of the desert.

Plasma Scythe

A sinister-looking Plasma weapon with a long reach.

Plasma Twinblade

An unwieldy plasma weapon that is deadly in the right hand.

Prestige Stellic Greataxe

A gilded and well crafted Plasma weapon (persona variant only).

Prestige Stellic Sword (Plasma)

A gilded and well crafted Plasma weapon (persona variant only).

Compatibility notes

CE: Soon.

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